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About Me

I knew I wanted to be a writer in second grade. My class was reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and something hit me: someone wrote this story. Someone had the idea for a magical chocolate factory, wrote it down, and now that idea was being shared with me. I was so inspired, I decided I wanted to share my stories with others too.

My favorite stories put a magical twist on the real world. When I sit down to write, I try to imagine different ways to look at everyday life, asking myself questions about what’s possible and what hasn’t been considered yet. I like to believe that adventure is hiding just around the corner.

In addition to writing stories, I’m passionate about helping writers connect with their craft, feel good about their writing, and reach their literary goals. Writing is a weird, wonderful process, but I don’t subscribe to the whole “tortured artist” scene; I love offering guidance and support to fellow artists in pursuit of a creative practice that is fulfilling and fun.

I live just outside Chicago with my family and my dog, Quigley. I love baking great-tasting but horrible-looking treats that could qualify me for Nailed It, planning my next trip to Disneyland, and going all out on Halloween. I believe in happily ever afters, spontaneous dance and karaoke parties, and the power of the Oxford comma. My favorite color is rainbow and when I grow up I want to be Leslie Knope.

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